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Aphrodisiac foods

Aphrodisiac foods for Valentine's Day
Ankita Vaidya
Written by Ankita Vaidya
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Here’s a list of Aphrodisiac foods for your Valentine’s day!

If you are a passionate lover and love sensual intimacy, this article is for you! If you are looking for ways to spice up ‘things’ or bring back the spark to your relationship, this article is for you! Or if you are someone who is just curious about how food can change your mood, this article is for you as well!

Aphrodisiac foods or drinks or drugs stimulate sexual desire and some also promote fertility in both men and women. If you look from a psychological standpoint, it is neat how different foods stimulate different emotions within us. And it is also interesting that some of these foods are adopted culturally as a ‘delicacy’ or a tradition in wedding/ pre-wedding rituals around the world.

Here is a list of top 5 Aphrodisiac recipes that you should to try out this Valentine’s Day.

Aphrodisiac foods


The most expensive spice on this planet ironically resembles little sperm cells and is one of the best aphrodisiac food. Interesting! And it is intriguing that before the ‘first night’, as per Hindu wedding customs, the bride and the groom enjoy a glass of delicious saffron milk with cardamom, sugar and almonds. While sugar gives you a boost in energy, cardamom promises slow release of blood sugar ensuring you don’t crash suddenly from a sugar spike! And saffron does its little magic to keep you going at it!

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Aphrodisiac foods

Now this is an easy one. However, it is important to use pure form of chocolate. The purer the better! Unlike the ordinary commercial chocolate bars available at most retail stores, look for pure chocolate slabs or cocoa/ cacao products. Not just for eating but these products can be used for a variety of applications- a sensual body massage, facial treatments, liquor, candles etc. to name a few.


Aphrodisiac foods

Red luscious strawberries are full of love regardless. The shape, the colour and the flavour make this fruit perfect for romance. Legend has it that in French countryside weddings, cold strawberry soup was offered to the bride and groom as a symbol of the beginning of an intimate relationship. Of the many ways of eating strawberries, most popular is Chocolate Dipped Strawberries. Simply cannot go wrong with that. Also in champagne or on the side with a dark moist chocolate torte will do its thing.


Oysters as aphrodisiac foods might sound gross if you are new to this concept. However, try it once and I bet you cannot just eat one. Salty, slimy oysters, paired with some pungent horse raddish or citrus mignonette scream romance to me. Shuck, slurp and gulp!

Betel nut with Areca nut:

More commonly known as Paan is an integral part of culinary traditions all over India. Chewing a betel nut leaf with Areca nut or Supari promotes sexual intimacy. Coincidental or ironic, Hindu weddings use Areca nut for some rituals as a symbol of fertility. If you are someone who does not enjoy eating a Paan, there are other way of enjoying it. For example- paan ice cream or paan flavoured panna cotta. Sounds delish to me!

Try these all aphrodisiac foods and let us know if it worked its magic for you! If you have a few more aphrodisiacs on your list, share them with us. We would love to hear more about these sexy little foods.

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