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USA Travel series: Top things to do in San Diego

Top Things you should explore in San Diego
Written by Neha
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We know San Diego from movies like Top Gun and Bruce Almighty! Remember the story we had in school of a sea lion gate crashing a party and ensuing chaos! Our vlogger Neha wanted to chase such sea lions in real! So when she got a long weekend at hand she immediately headed to San Diego! And guess what, one of its many attractions is La Jolla Cove which is the house to many sea lions. Here’s a list of top things to do in San Diego!

Top Things to do in San Diego

About San Diego

This city in California is popularly known as “America’s finest city” The warm climate here makes it a very inviting destination. to visit the beaches and museums and parks!

You will get a wide range of attractions here to choose from. There is something for every age. So, you need to choose them as per your interests.

San Diego attractions

You have something for everyone here!

You can have a lazy vacation at the beaches like Ocean Beach or Pacific Beach.

Or, if you are interested in some history lessons, then you can head to Mission valley

And if you are a animal lover you make sure to have San Diego zoo and La Jolla Cove on your travel itinerary.

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San Diego food

There are abundant options to choose from for food lovers!

Firstly, the city is known for it’s yummy sea food. So. you get wide range of options in sea food restaurants.

Secondly, people love to eat Mexican and typical Californian food here!

Moreover, you might like to visit Little Italy which has cafes, trendy restaurants and bars or Gaslamp for it’s nightlife and pubs.


That seems a lot many options for tops things to explore in San Diego, right? Get your travel planning right before you go there!

Don’t worry! Neha guides us on how to choose the places to visit and where to stay.

You will find most of the other information you need in the video below.

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How did you like Neha’s travel story? Have you been to San Diego yourself? We would love to hear your stories, especially if there are any beachy ones! 😀 Don’t forget to use the hashtags #traveltuesdays # femmefiesta & #metime, when commenting!

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Happy traveling, folks!

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