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Amazing Saree Drapes To Rock This Wedding Season – Part 2

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Hello ladies!
Last time, we saw a list of wearing a saree in various ways. This week, we will see yet more ways of draping a saree and look different and sexy. Yes, a saree is anything but boring, didn’t I say so?

1. ​Bollywood style


​We are influenced by Bollywood a lot. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that saree draping should take some lessons from there too. In Bollywood style saree draping, the pallu is pinned up very thinly, exposing the breasts and the midriff. The pleats are minute, giving a flowy effect. All in all, very sexy and can be worn by women having oodles of confidence to show off their curves.

2. ​Mermaid style


This was an old style of saree draping, which is making a comeback as a popular style among girls in weddings nowadays, including the bride. It makes the wearer look very beautiful and graceful. It suits all body types. This is worn like a skirt, giving accent to curves. It is preferred by women who are curvy or short. If you have a saree with a heavy pallu or a grand border, wear it in the mermaid style.

3. Dhoti style


​The dhoti is a garment typically worn by men. But now, women have taken it upon themselves to wear it too. And they also gave it a new twist, by tying a saree as a dhoti! It is the new look in town, giving women a tremendous boost in confidence.

4. ​Pants style


​This is a very new and bold Indo Western look that has come in this year. You don’t need to wear a petticoat for this, but you need a pair or leggings or pants. A well-fitting blouse is a must. Easy to wear and elegant to see, this saree style is now gaining popularity rapidly.

5. ​Inverted Pallu style


​Deepika Padukone made this style of saree draping in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’s Badtameez Dil song. It was a very simple saree, but she gave a twist to it and wore it with such elan that all women went gaga over it. By a simple trick of tucking the upper edge of the saree inverted, you end up being the sexiest lady on the premises.

6. ​Half Saree style


​The half saree has been around for quite a long time. It is very popular in South India. It has made a comeback now, after Deepika Padukone flaunted it in Chennai Express. And the best part is, now you can wear this using a regular saree too! Just tuck in the loose side of the saree on the left side over your pleats and you are done. It shows your waistline quite slimmer and you look elegant, of course.

7. ​Rajrani style


​This is a modified version of the Gujarati style saree. In this style, the pallu, brought from the back to the front, is again folded in the V shape and pinned on the left shoulder. Best suited for sarees with a heavy pallu, this style, as the name suggests, gives you a royal look instantly.

8. ​Scarf style


Just wrap the pallu around your neck like a scarf. Wear a t-shirt or a blouse. Wear a kurti. Just mix and match and rock this uber casual look.
​One simple 6-yard piece of cloth, and just check out how many ways we can drape it and make ourselves look beautiful!! Seems like magic!
Do you know any other styles of saree draping? The wedding season is still on! Post your pics flaunting a saree! Let’s show off our beautiful curves…
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