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7 Ways to be a Successful Woman Leader

Nisha Joshi
Written by Nisha Joshi
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Women are breaking their shackles and coming out now. After years of patriarchal suppression, women are finally finding a voice to express themselves. Entrepreneurs, CEOs, politicians, scientific researchers – there’s no place where a woman cannot shine.

Even today, though, women don’t find it easy to become a leader. Forget others criticizing them, women themselves have more self-doubt than men. Besides, even today, most women are expected to be at home and care for their children and in-laws.

How then, is a woman supposed to become a successful leader in her field? Here are some awesome tips to become successful:


1. Research extensively

It’s virtually impossible to know everything that is to be known. However, try gaining as much knowledge of the subject on your hand as possible. While this is something everyone must do irrespective of gender, women are advised to be more thorough. This is because, women are generally ridiculed for supposedly manly things, while men are not.

So a man cannot know cooking and he’ll be okay, but a woman who cannot change a tire will be laughed at. If you want others to start respecting you, gain the required knowledge and proceed to shine!

2. Develop a thick skin

The keyword here is ‘develop.’ It is not necessary for a woman with a thick skin to start a business or do whatever she wants to. But a thick skin has to be developed. You cannot just spend your precious time being offended by people whose sole purpose in life is to put women down. Your work can talk instead of you too.

3. Follow your instincts

When you are plunged in self-doubt, just remember to follow your gut. People who advice you might not necessarily be bad or ill-natured, but they aren’t you. They haven’t lived your life. So it is very obvious that the person who knows yourself best is you! Speak to others, get new perspectives, but the final decision should be yours.

4. Never quit

Time has a funny way of never stopping for anyone. Also, time is never the same for everyone. Sometimes, you might feel like quitting everything and giving up.


One of the best attributes of women leaders worldwide is that they never gave up when things got tough.

5. Network, network, network

Most businesses develop on the basis of networking. The more you network, the more successful you are. However, in the current world where women often feel intimidated by the presence of men, it might be difficult for you to network well. As mentioned above, follow your instincts to judge people. When you find good people, nurture those relationships.

6. Pretend to be confident

The world likes to see a confident woman. If you do not feel confident from within, pretend to be confident till you start believing it for real. A firm handshake and a direct look into the opposite person’s eyes go a long way in making a leader.

7. Learn to say no and stop apologizing

Women are conditioned to say yes whether or not they wish to. Also, women spend most of their times apologizing for no fault of theirs. Take a conscious decision to stop both these practices. Say no. Stop saying sorry. Not everything is your fault. Remember that.

Women leaders are like a breath of fresh air. They bring with them new thoughts and ideas. It is a proven fact, that a company which has more women leaders are more efficient, have a better work-life-balance, have a nice culture that makes the employees happy. Stop doubting yourself and take control of your career today!

What do you think women should do for becoming successful leaders? Share your thoughts here! Also, share let us see you flaunt that awesome power pose! Post pics of you in your office, and let us know what you do. Let’s encourage each other here.

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