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7 Things All Girls Do When Nobody’s Looking

Nisha Joshi
Written by Nisha Joshi
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Being a girl is difficult. You have to do certain things to present yourself in a certain way to the world. Yes, even men have to do some things, but women have a whole lot of other things they need to get in place before they even think of stepping out. 

However, no woman is a saint enough to behave appropriately at all times. Everyone has a slip-up time, including women. And here’s what women do when no one is looking.

Remove the bra the second they are home.

There is no pleasure better than the one a girl gets when she removes her bra. Who would like caged boobs anyway? So, the first thing to go off the minute a girl enters her home is her bra. Of course, if she’s living with family or in-laws, there are chances that she can experience the freedom only after sometime and in the confines of her bedroom. But it is safe to say that it is the first thing to enter our minds when we are alone!

The mad rush for the dupatta

Following the freedom of the boobs comes unbridled happiness and bliss. No longer are you reined in! But, if you are unlucky, the knell of the doorbell can cause you enough anxiety to last for a day. First, you think of all the possibilities of who could be at the door. Meanwhile, your eyes and hands are frantically scrabbling for your elusive dupatta that was dancing in front of you just a minute before and now has been swallowed up by the Earth. You spot it and gratefully grab it and open the door, only to see a random stranger asking you directions of your neighbour two floors below. Oh well…

Scratch bits.

Well, we have seen men shamelessly scratching their crotches and bums. Hello! We are human too! And our genital areas itch too!! Surprised? Personally, I feel the under-boob itch is the most overwhelming sensations of all times. What d’you think? And yes, we fart too!

Pick your nose

No treasure hunt is as precious as the one conducted into the depths of your nose with one finger. When no one’s looking, most girls tend to think about life and its various connotations with a finger safely buried inside the warm depths of the nose.

Smell yourself

You want that good-looking guy to sit next to you. But you are terrified of BO. So what do you do? You discreetly bend your neck and smell yourself. And you have now become such a master at this game that no one even noticed you!6. Overthink about periods

Every single time the Red Express is half a day late, you start overthinking. “When did we last do it? Did we use protection or not? What if the condom had burst? Oh my God! Am I pregnant?” In fact, when your periods come, you (almost) welcome it tearfully, thanking your stars that you aren’t pregnant (which you weren’t, in any case)!

Be naked at home

Because home is where the heart is!

What do you do when you know nobody’s looking? Share your naughty stories with us!


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