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7 Honest Ques To Ask Yourself When In A Relationship

Written by Shruti

Is he the one or is he not? Going ahead with any guy, a typical fear of being ditched troubles you in and out; be it emotional or physical, being clueless about the destined path with your someone haunts you till you trust a person. To overcome this dilemma of misjudging him, here are the 7 questions in kitty you can ask yourself when in a relationship. And get a mini glimpse of your future together –

1. Do You Feel Secured Around Him?

And nothing answers more accurate than our sixth sense!

The way he holds your hands in public to the manner he takes pride to hold your waist. Does his touch make you feel loved and respected; both at the same time?

If yes is your answer, you have ticked one from this checklist!

2. Do You Feel Time Flies With Him And You Just Want Him To Stay As Long As He Can?

Be it at home or from a Skype call, every bye makes your heart skip a beat because forever is the only thing you can ask for!

If time and distance from him troubles you the most, he wins his second check point!

3. Do You Laugh When Together?

Because smiles can deceive but laughter cannot!

One cannot pretend to laugh if her heart says no to her mind. If both are in sync, you create laughter!

If you laugh out crazy in each other’s company forgetting your present, past and future, he deserves brownie points, girl!

4. Do You Feel Free With Him And Around Him?

You don’t fear him, be it the late-night parties to the hangover you had at the sleepover!

From your talks to your sleep walks, everything is an open book which he appreciates and tolerates! Winks!

5. Do You Want To Be A Better Person For Him?

Getting rid off from your irritating habits and going off from your addictions?

Nothing motivates you more than the being there for each other. Supporting each other through the blues and the black only makes you stand thick together.

6. Is The Respect Quotient More Than Love?

You can rely on him and trust him at the same time! Because you celebrate flaws than micro-managing them!

7. Is Everyday A Unique Experience With Him?

Does living with him gives you the same goosebumps? Does his little gestures make you go gaga over him all over? He makes you feel special and vice versa.

Because everything should still excite post the creamy layer of the honeymoon phase!

Girls, check your relationship compatibility now!

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