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7 Essentials To Gift This Daughter’s Day

Written by Shruti

The apple of our eye and an eye-candy for our life, daughters remain special, although might be not be in the real presence in front of you!

While their hostel lives and marriages give you a rare sneak-peek of your little pie and make no room to pamper them with maa ke hath ka khana, here are a few lovely pocket-friendly gifts which you can gift her and make her life a simple work-around.

With Daughter’s Day round the clock, forget flowers and chocolates and gift her the most thoughtful pieces which will make her life easier!


With hostel life being harsh with a limited menu to binge on, get her a griller/sandwich maker to help her make those quick cheese and mayo sandwiches while she exits the same old Maggi regime with smiles!

Electrical Induction

Again, a boon when stuck with the no ‘gas cylinder’ policy at PGs, electrical induction only works towards making life better. With an elaborate menu and handy user manual, electrical induction is life!

Check out this Prestige Induction linking the link below;


Waxing routines burning pockets? Here you go with the most cost-effective technique to save her millions! Buy an epilator for your growing lady to make waxing appointments sorted! You can select Philips or Braun!

Make-Up Pouch

Nothing can make her happier than this! A make-up kit organizer!

Check this beautiful make-up kit pouch to put in all her essentials in the perfect manner. All in one box!

Pack Of Lipsticks

Does your daughter love a glamorous look? If you have already thought about the make-up box, grab this idea too and make her go Aww on opening her dream box!

Amongst the best brands available across, here is a pocket friendly intact brand to gift her in September


One more in the electrical appliances bucket!

An electrical heater to escape the harsh cold water in the hostel post she wakes up late!

Check out this heater and make her mornings warm and fresh!

A Health-Freak Package

Just perfect something to keep her healthy, wealthy and fine! Check this Keto kit!

Mommies, is your gift ready?

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