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5 Trends Catching Teenagers by Storm

Nisha Joshi
Written by Nisha Joshi
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I remember my own teenage phase quite clearly. I was this awkward, fat teenager with huge glasses. I didn’t know what to do with my hair and people wearing spectacles were the un-coolest of them all.

Thankfully (or not), teenagers nowadays are much aware of the latest fashion. They know their body types and know what clothes look good on them.

Teenage is an exciting time. It’s a time when kids are starting to mature both physically and mentally. Crushes and infatuations are very common, as are confusions about their body. But one thing these young people are sure about and that is their fashion. It’s when they start having their own choices and opinions. They obviously want to look more stylish and confident.

First off, you have to make it clear to your teenager that s/he is not going to look anything like a teenager from a Karan Johar movie (Mr. Johar, you owe us all a lot of explanations!)

Nevertheless, teens are looking a lot cooler these days thanks to these trends:

1. A right haircut

A good haircut really brings out their features and shoots up their style quotient. Just get them to visit a good hairstylist and get a cut according to the shape of their face and see the magic! A great haircut also helps them shine in whatever attire they choose to wear.

2. Short sleeves

Short sleeves are a good choice for teens. It makes them look effortlessly classy and cool. Whether for hanging out with friends (which they do a lot) or attending a study group, short sleeves are the perfect answer to every occasion. Plus, short sleeved clothes are easily available and give them a fashionable look.

3. Solid colours

Teens have evolved tastes nowadays. Plus, they are not afraid of experimenting. While the loud graphic t-shirts are still in Vogue with them, chances are you’ll find an odd one out dressed in muted and solid colours. I’ve often noticed that these are the once who are quite popular among their friends too.

4. Shorts

Let me start this one with a cliche. In our times, if we wore a dress that went above our knees, our relatives and neighbours looked at us in disdain. However times have changed drastically. Now, shorts are the in-thing with teens. And they are comfortable too. We see so many teens on the roads in shorts and no one even bats an eyelid (as they shouldn’t). Good times!

5. Sneakers and trainers

There was a time when parents made their teenagers wear chappals. Then came a time for floaters. Now, no teenager would be seen dead with these things on their feet. Instead, sneakers in every colour if the rainbow and trainers are ruling the roost. These teenagers know what’s good for their feet and what looks good on their feet (both are different things). They get the best of both worlds, so why not?

A teen doesn’t need to accessorize like s/he is a jewellery model. Lesser the better, in case of teenagers. A solid watch. A bracelet or kada on the other hand and a thin chain will do. Small, diamond-tipped earrings are apt to go with any outfit.

What does your teen wear? Share your knowledge with us!

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