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5 Movies To Watch With Your Girl Gang!

Written by Shruti

The satisfaction of any relationship is non-comparable to the baggage of trust and comfort of female friendships. Though complexities carried by these cannot be expressed on the sidelines of a man-woman love story; East or west, best friends are the best!

From gossip to bitching, no person can give you enough to gorge upon then your gang of girls! While we continue to raise toasts to our gang, let’s make most of this friendship by watching these classic tales to make your bond more deep with heart and mind involved.

Here are 5 movies to binge watch with your ladies as you gulp glasses of wine;


Based on the wedding season, this story revolves around Annie who is requested by her best friend Lillian to be her maid of honor! But the real trouble starts as she ruins the wedding ritual in conflict with one of the other bridesmaids!

You might just relate to one of these friendship envy scenes too!

Veere Di Wedding

Again, composed with a background of a wedding, this flick takes you to a roller-coaster of emotions of four friends on a bachelorette trip!!Because female trips are the real insane goals every one of us should have!

Angry Indian Goddesses

Touted as Bollywood’s first out-and-out female buddy film, this is beautiful take on the different friendships women share. Women from different walks of life get together for their friend’s wedding. The events that unfold let out some secrets which form the plot of this film.

The First Wives Club

The film is a story of friends who haven’t stayed in touch for years but their love for each other has stayed. In the present day, after decades, they have lost touch and reunite when one of them commits suicide after learning about her husband’s infidelity.

Sex And The City

Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha’s live kept the audience engrossed for six years. You must have watched them on screen here and there but watch their tale of friendship facing ups and downs with your girl gang around!

Make a plan to meet your friends now!

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