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5 Best Romantic Books of All Time

Romantic books
Nisha Joshi
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Romantic books are the best, aren’t they? They give us love when we need it most. Good books take us through the trials and tribulations of a couple before they are united, happy ever after. Even if our practical mind tells us that “happily ever after” is really not possible, getting into the pages of a swoon-worthy novel is enough to make us believe otherwise.

There are hundreds of novels that cater to fulfill the dreams of romance bibliophiles. Right from classic Gone With The Wind and Pride and Prejudice to the steamy 50 Shades of Grey, there is a huge variety of romance books you can choose from according to your taste.

Here are 5 of the best romantic books of all time.

5 best romantic books of all time:

1. Gone With The Wind

This, according to Goodreads, is one of the most popular romantic books ever written. This is the story of Scarlett O’Hara, a fiesty young lady from the South, who braves the Civil War and fights for the things she loves – her family plantation estate, Tara, and Ashley Wilkes, whom she is infatuated with. Rhett Butler is a profiteer and runner who keeps appearing on and off in her life. The story of how Scarlett overcomes all odds makes up the essence of the story.

2. Me Before You

This beautiful romantic book is the first in the Me Before You trilogy. An “ordinary girl” Louisa Clarke falls in love with her boss, Will Traynor. The catch? Traynor is wheelchair-bound and super grumpy. Will he find love for Louisa? Will he be able to overcome his grumpiness and fall in love? This book was made into a movie in 2016 too, though the book is better (as usual!)

3. Pride and Prejudice

This is one evergreen book that makes you sigh (romantic one, not exasperated). Elizabeth Bennet is a sensible young woman looking for a sensible beau. However, her mother is more interested in making her marry into money (cannot blame her, 19th century thoughts plus 5 daughters can do this to a parent!) When Elizabeth meets Mr. Darcy, Sparks fly, but not in a good way. Both of them are pissed off at each other. After many misunderstandings and solvings, both of them come together. Sigh.

4. The Hating Game

In Sally Thorne’s debut novel, we meet Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeton. Both are assistant executives at a publishing firm. Both also hate each other. Like really, truly hate. Both of them are trying to climb the corporate ladder and can do anything to get to the top. If you are looking for a quirky, funny, steamy romance, go for this one.

5. Outlander

This now-famous television series is based on time travel. A 20th-century British nurse, Claire Randall, reaches the 18th-century. And falls in love with a a Highland warrior, Jamie Fraser! The book, the first in a series, is a bestseller, having sold more than 25 million copies. No wonder, the TV series is a hit too!

It’s winter and what better time to curl up with a romantic novel! Dream about your favourite heroes and swoon over them!

Do you have any favourite romantic books? Who is your favourite romantic hero? Tell us here!

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