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Fusion of cultures

It is Navratri celebration in office. Namita cooks lunch for her husband and kids. But she has decided to fast for 9 days. Strictly for healthy diet purposes. She is wearing a sari to office today. She gets ready in a sleeveless blouse, cotton saree, bold neckpiece and bracelet. She is very happy with her look. She clicks a selfie and updates her Instagram. While going downstairs, her elderly neighbour notices her attire and asks, ‘where is your mangalsutra? Chhaan jarichi sadi nesaychi aga (you should wear a traditional saree)!! She touches the lady’s feet in a gesture of respect, but ignores what she says and goes to office.
Nityaa, a female blogger, working from home does not understand what the whole fuss is about for Navratri celebration. She is single and lives on her own. She is so used to working in pyjamas that when she goes to visit her parents on Dussehra, she does not change her clothes. She gives the traditional ‘aptyache paan’ and touches the feet of her parents, but not before hearing everything about how a woman should be dressed on such occasions.
Juilee is a ‘stay at home’ wife. On Diwali, she decorates the house with Rangoli, flowers and diyas. She cooks a traditional feast for the relatives and visiting in-laws. But, at night, she and her husband meet up with their friends for drinks where she cannot resist joining them in a bottoms up challenge of a neat scotch.
Arati works at an established company, managing an important position and a responsible job profile. She comes home from a gruelling twelve-hour shift at the office, and still gets ready to attend a nine p.m. call with the US colleagues. The day after she applies for a mandatory leave to prep her house for welcoming Gauri – Ganpati. The sight of Gauri-Ganpati never fail to soothe her.
What is common among all these amazing ladies? They have managed to combine the two cultures in their life, in such a way that they co-exist peacefully. They adore our traditions, but the western culture also doesn’t faze them. They’ve managed to achieve the best of both worlds, which is one of the most difficult tasks to do, and they do it with a grace that is amazing to watch.

The women of India today live in a fusion of cultures. Half the time they are attracted to old traditions, other half they want to shoot it all to hell, and just chill out. Imagine a blast of colours, where the ravishing red and blazing yellow colours of our traditional haldi-kumkum meet the dark bold colours of midnight-blue and black. Isn’t that a wonderful collage? The same thing happens in our lives. People expect us to live with either of the colours, but not both. However, we, the bold women of today, never do things that are really expected of us, do we? So, we persist to flourish amidst a valley of colours, enjoying each shade as we go along…

Do you fall under the same category? Which colours do you prefer to have in your life? Let us know your take on this. Just remember… There cannot be a right or wrong answer to this question. Each one of us is equally amazing and beautiful, no matter what our choices!

So, come on… Let us find out more about each of us through this. Describe yourself in one line along with a colour which you think matches your personality. Let us see, what fusion we can create in FF, right here!

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