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11 Tips to improve Concentration in kids

11 ways to improve concentration in your kids
Written by femmefiestaclub
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As we all know that focus is an important foundation for a child’s growth, whether it is academics or it is personal development. Focus, being an important basis of growth and development, is also a major area of concern for one and every parent.

Let’s delve a little deeper to understand the causes responsible for the lack of concentration


7 causes for Lack of concentration

  • Lack of sleep – Sleep is very essential whether it is an adult or a child. If your child is not getting proper sleep, this might lead to his attention span getting affected. Also, as number of hours is important so is the time at which your kids go to sleep.
  • Food intake – The foods rich in carbohydrates, make your child feel relaxed and he tend to fall asleep after consuming them.
  • Lack of parental attention – Nowadays, Parents have got so busy with their work that they forget to spend quality time with their kids. Proper attention work wonders on kids and lack of this leads to lack of concentration.
  • Distraction – A child’s mind is always looking for some or the other distraction especially when he is required to show concentration to complete his homework or study for exams.
  • Bigger Tasks – Though the complexity of any task depends on your child’s age, but there are 100% chances that your child might try to avoid a big and difficult task.
  • Routine – Routine is by and large, the most important factor in your child’s concentration. Just try this, one day the child isn’t following routine and you will find him more tired and frustrated.
  • Studying without Breaks – It is a well-known saying that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Same is with all kids. If no break is assigned between the study hours, it will certainly affect the concentration.

10 Tips to enhance Concentration in kids

  1. Playing – As we all know that kids learn faster by playing. So taking advantage of this you should try to make their activities more interesting. The longer they are interested in an activity, the better their span of concentration becomes. Gadget addiction is one more area which leads to span of concentration being affected. So, assigning some time to screen time would be an ideal way to deal with this.
  2. Setting up the routine – Setting up the routine helps kids to complete all the activities that is, study time, afternoon naps, screen time, playtime, entertainment on time.
  3. Proper Diet and exercise– Proper diet , keeping in mind to avoid those foods that make them feel relaxed,  should be provided to them. Regular exercise makes them feel energetic and helps them to take any activity with enthusiasm.
  4. Afternoon naps – Afternoon naps are effective way to deal with concentration issues, as after getting proper naps, your child will feel rejuvenated to take up study hour with enthusiasm.
  5. Understanding your child’s method of learning – Some kids learn best through visual, some learn faster through auditory and others learn best through kinesthetic means. Kid’s method of learning should be kept in mind as anything that interests him would have his concentration better in learning.
  6. Reward System – Assigning reward to a particular subject, which your kid isn’t too fond of, would help in completing the subject with concentration. Rewards can be toys, increasing a playtime, chocolates, taking them to their favorite park, treating them with their favorite food, any new activity class that they can join and list goes on.
  7. Story Beading – Telling a story or reading aloud while asking your child to make a necklace with thread and beads till the story goes on, is also one way of increasing their concentration span.
  8. Avoid Distraction – Any kind of distractions such as toys, TV shouldn’t be present, where your kid is sitting for study-time.
  9. Task-Segregation – Segregating a big and difficult task into manageable and small tasks helps to have a longer span of concentration. For example, if in any subject such as English, he has reading and dictation, this can be segregated as reading should be taken before break and dictation after break.
  10. Assigning Breaks – Assigning breaks between the study hour will help in improving the focus required for completing the task. For example, If they have homework for three subjects, rather than asking them to complete in one go, assign smaller breaks between subjects that will help them to relax and feel energized to take up the next subject.
  11. Quality Time – Spending quality time with kids will definitely help with improving their concentration. For example, Sitting with them while they are doing their homework, attending to their queries, solving puzzles with them and so on.

So, dear mommies, hope these tips help you to deal with lack of concentration issue in your kids. I have provided general tips to improve the concentration span. But as we know every kid is different and so is the parenting. If you have experienced some other ways of improving concentration in kids, do share those with us. We love to hear from you. Till then, Happy Parenting!

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